Blood pressure monitoring, or BPM, is a medical technique that helps to examine blood pressure levels. Blood pressure can affect how much blood flows through the arteries and veins and how well body parts function. 

A blood pressure level within the range of 120–80 mm Hg is considered normal. The higher level in the set range and the lower level in the set range both invite health issues. A well-maintained blood pressure keeps your health in optimal condition and prevents other health issues. You can monitor the ranges using a blood pressure machine and take the necessary precautions to maintain them. 

As per statistics, high blood pressure is another threatening issue after cancer that is taking a toll on people’s lives. People aged 40 to 69 years are more susceptible to this condition. In this blog, we are sharing the most innovative solutions to get precise results from the blood pressure monitor machine. 

For a patient, it is crucial to know why blood pressure monitoring is important. 

A blood pressure machine is useful for monitoring blood pressure and detecting health issues before they get worse. Here are the following reasons why blood pressure monitoring is important: 

  • Detect hypertension

Hypertension or high blood pressure is caused by high blood pressure, and blood pressure monitoring helps stabilise the blood pressure. 

  • Monitor health conditions.

Despite the hectic pace of life, monitoring health conditions through blood pressure monitoring is critical.

  • Assessing cardiovascular risk

Blood pressure monitoring helps to assess cardiovascular risk-related issues, which will help you avoid heart-related problems. 

Techniques for measuring blood pressure 

People use a variety of methods to measure blood pressure, including manual sphygmomanometry, automated oscillometric devices, and ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (ABPM).

What are the new technologies for blood pressure measurement?

The introduction of advanced blood pressure measurement technologies allows you to precisely monitor your blood pressure. The following are the most advanced and new technologies introduced for blood pressure measurement:

  • Photoplethysmography (PPG)

The name suggests that the “photo” in plethysmography helps in detecting blood pressure through light. This blood pressure monitor device measures the changes in blood volume through the finger. Smartwatches and fitness trackers also contain PPG sensors.

  • Electrical bioimpedance (EBI)

This technique helps measure the electrical impedance of the body tissues. We also use this method to measure blood pressure. This device can monitor blood pressure changes in tissues.

  • Pulse wave arrival time (PWAT)

The pulse wave arrival time or PWAT, method helps to monitor the blood pressure through the pulse wave of the heart. This technique measures the pulse wave from the heart to your finger. As a result, this helps measure blood pressure. 

  • Applanation tonometry 

This method is highly effective for measuring blood vessel pulsations. The sensors help monitor blood pressure and they can be worn on the wrist. Applanation tonometry is a highly recommended device that detects blood directly from the veins and monitors pressure. 

Is blood pressure monitoring possible at home? 

For those unable to visit the hospital, blood pressure monitoring at home is indeed possible and highly recommended. However, some blood pressure monitoring equipment is not easy to handle because of its complicated functions. Therefore, it is crucial to seek advice from skilled physicians before using blood pressure monitoring devices.

If you are planning to perform blood pressure monitoring at home, then visit CMH, the best hospital in Freetown, Sierra Leone, or contact them to book a quick consultation. Under the expert’s guidance, you will get the best and most prompt advice or suggestions regarding blood pressure.  

Which blood pressure monitoring systems or blood pressure medications are more effective? 

Blood pressure is manageable and there are multiple methods available. Both of them play an important role and serve different purposes. Here is what we are sharing below:

Blood pressure monitoring systems 

  • This helps to track blood pressure. 

  • Identify the trigger points that cause higher blood pressure.

  • This requires the assistance of expert physicians to monitor the blood pressure using the blood pressure monitoring systems. 

  • The blood pressure monitoring system provides precise information that allows you to make the most of it. 

Blood pressure medications 

  • Blood pressure also aids in blood pressure reduction.

  • This is the primary method to lower blood pressure and help the person recover. 

  • Blood pressure medications require a doctor’s prescription. 

  • Blood pressure can be consumed easily, so avoid any complications. 

Are scientists working on a cure for high blood pressure? 

Yes, the scientist is trying to discover the most innovative techniques to find a cure for the problem. Physicians help patients treat their blood pressure naturally and more efficiently. Start your day with the right diet on a plate, effective medications, and regular blood pressure monitoring to keep your blood pressure on track. 

Wrapping Up!

The medical industry is evolving at a new pace, and in the coming years, we will witness more to transform patients' lives. Advanced and innovative blood pressure machines are bringing about a shift unlike any other. With the assistance of an advanced blood pressure machine, diagnosis, and treatment would be a breeze. This won’t let the patient suffer longer and will also promote health and wellness in an individual’s life. Embrace innovative blood pressure monitor methods and shift your focus to a healthy version.