The director of Choithram values dignity and respect for all families. Hence we are a competency-driven, compassionate hospital.

A high-quality, ethical, and evidence-based approach to medicine is fostered, promoted, and practiced at Choithram Memorial Hospital. Professional services and outstanding hospitality are the hallmarks of our staff.

Providing dignity and respect to all individuals and families is the main focus of our work. This is done by establishing and promoting collaborative partnerships between individuals served, staff, and vulnerable families.

Our goal at Choithram Memorial Hospital is to provide hospitals based on the principles of competence, commitment, compassion, convenience, and effectiveness. Our outreach endeavors to redefine the meaning and dimensions of healthcare. With cutting-edge technology and precision, we strive to be the true "Partners in Health" - providing guidance, attention, and care to the community.

Choithram Memorial Hospital's philosophy is to provide safe, cutting-edge care and to develop medical professionals motivated by human kindness. To achieve this philosophy, the hospital has set the following four targets: to provide holistic medical care in a respectful manner, to develop and promote advanced medical care, to develop and promote medical personnel with high ethical standards, and to contribute to regional healthcare and society in general. Our hospital is engaged in daily medical care, research, and regional contributions as the highly advanced treatment hospital in the prefecture.

The medical field is undergoing an era of innovation. As part of its commitment to developing new treatments that the national and prefectural public wants, the hospital also encourages human resource development and organizational development for individual genomic medicine and advanced clinical research.

Improving the quality of medical care also requires stronger collaboration between local residents and medical institutions, such as referral hospitalizations, discharge adjustments, and reverse introductions. Therefore our hospital's Patient Support Care aims to make it easy via quick response and round-the-clock services for all the patients, their families, and other medical institutions. Each patient feels free to contact the hospital personnel if they have any questions about general consultation services.

We are on a mission to decentralize super-specialty healthcare and deliver it to every family beyond the metropolis and heal patients with dedication, honesty, and tender loving care. Without compromising on quality, we provide the highest level of patient care at an affordable price.

Choithram Memorial Hospital’s website is a part of our initiative to render our services more transparently and systematically. We have always focused on patients from the lower and middle classes, those who are marginalized by large corporate hospitals, those who cannot afford expensive medical treatment, and those who deserve empathy. We believe that medical care is a noble profession, and the sick should not be rejected because of financial constraints.

Our goal is to provide good medical, surgical, and nursing care and advice to all our patients, regardless of their religion, caste, or community. We offer compassionate care, state-of-the-art technology, and the highest quality medicine to everyone and their families every step of the way. Our facilities are accessible to everyone irrespective of their social or economic status.

Mr. K. H. Azad