Choithram Memorial Hospital is a leading provider of integrated healthcare services in the region.

Choithram Memorial Hospital is a leading provider of integrated healthcare services in the region. As a multispecialty hospital, it has a robust presence in the country. We have been endeavoring to provide Comprehensive Medicare to the residents of Sierra Leone since 2000. 

Over the years Choithram Memorial Hospital has been the charioteer of healthcare in Sierra Leone and we are humbled that countless patients and their families have placed their trust in us. As a result, we continue to put forth relentless efforts and remain unwavering in our commitment to providing first-rate health care to our patients. 

Choithram Memorial Hospital offers the best clinical outcomes from routine wellness and preventive health care to innovative treatments and diagnostics. Every aspect of what we do at Choithram Memorial Hospital is geared toward one primary goal - providing healthcare to everyone regardless of their economic circumstances. The goal is to work cohesively and create uniform structures, processes, and standards across all the disciplines of a hospital. That is how we cater to high patient benefits which result from first-class medical quality, high patient satisfaction, and efficient healthcare delivery. 

Our State-Of-Art Facilities -

Our facilities include different categories of rooms including twin-sharing and private suites, specialty operating theaters, and an intensive care unit. This allows us to provide major services In-House and treat patients more conveniently. There are 28 departments in the hospital and more than 50 doctors who provide multidisciplinary treatment. There are state-of-the-art machines in the departments being operated by well-trained staff. The department of anesthesia, imaging, and radiology includes conventional radiology, CT scans, MRIs, and mammography. Moreover, the hospital also has an optimal care environment facility which includes fire safety, emergency power supply, and water and waste management. 

Why Choose Choithram Hospital? 

We are firm believers that everyone on Earth deserves good health. With a dedicated and experienced team, we strive to raise the standards of healthcare around the world to serve humanity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our goal is to maintain the highest standard in the following areas: Ethical Conduct Detailed Documentation In-Depth Research Health And Hygiene Sterile And Aseptic Precautions Our ambition is to excel and exceed in healthcare services for all patients while keeping humanity at the heart of everything we do. 

Services For High-End Diagnostics:

Our multispeciality hospital has a high-end diagnostic center where you can have regular checkups and get precise treatments. We also have state-of-the-art equipment which helps to diagnose your ailment more accurately. Choithram Memorial Hospital provides diagnostic services such as digital X-Ray, 64-Slice CT-Scan, 2-D Echo, digital Mammography, and a fully equipped Clinical Pathology Laboratory. 

24×7 Emergency Services:

Choithram Memorial Hospital provides emergency care round the clock, with facilities such as an ambulance, an emergency ward, and an intensive care unit. Our hospital is well-equipped with a trauma center. The facilities ensure that patients receive quality and timely treatment