The department is equipped with all facilities and handled with care. All of our departments have well-integrated services.


Critically ill patients can get the best emergency health services at Choithram Memorial Hospital's department of Emergency and Trauma Centre. Anyone seeking emergency medical care can access the same 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Emergency entrance is the first stop when you arrive at Choithram Memorial Hospital's Emergency Medicine Department. Doctors and nurses use this place to categorize each patient's condition based on priority.

The categories are as follows:

  • A life-threatening emergency
  • The situation is urgent, but not life-threatening
  • Moderate situation (less urgent)

It is important that the categorization is done to avoid keeping anyone with a life-threatening condition waiting because they arrive a few seconds or minutes after someone with a more routine problem. It is our commitment to provide every patient with the quality of care that is best suited for their clinical condition.

On duty, medical officers are usually responsible for treating emergency cases. At our hospital, Specialist Doctors treat the patient immediately upon admission, thereby increasing survival rates.

Can the team assist in the recovery?

Medical Emergencies such as Heart Attacks, Brain Strokes, Comas, Burns, Accidents, etc., require speed. In the course of saving hundreds of lives, Choithram Memorial Hospital has insisted on prompt emergency care.

Medics at your services 24/7

You have the best chance of recovering from a medical emergency if you get treatment from the best doctors. At Choithram Memorial Hospital, our emergency centers are managed by trauma specialists who provide cutting-edge treatment for all kinds of medical emergencies.

Our emergency department has the following features

  • Patients and their families can have private examination rooms
  • There is a drop-off area for patients and their families
  • The reception area is clean, comfortable, and contemporary
  • The latest medical technology is available in trauma care rooms
  • CT Scan, X-ray, and ultrasound rooms have been added to the radiology suite.


Round-the-clock ambulance service

During emergency medical transport to and from medical facilities as well as at the trauma scene, Choithram Memorial Hospital's ambulance service provides high-quality emergency medical care. An ambulance is equipped with a paramedic and emergency medical technician team that provides advanced life support.

In the event of a heart attack, our paramedics are equipped and trained to handle a variety of medical situations.

Besides resuscitating acutely ill patients and providing trauma care, emergency medicine doctors possess expertise in all branches of health care, such as general medicine, surgery, critical care, orthopedics, neurosciences, radiology, geriatrics, pediatrics, and obstetrics and gynecology. In addition to their medical skills, our emergency medicine clinicians have excellent managerial skills.

The earliest possible treatment and procedure

1. Advanced Emergency Airway Management In Adults: 

In emergency medicine, advanced emergency airway management is a fundamental skill for clinicians caring for critically ill or injured patients. The most common and successful method of intubating the trachea in emergency medicine is rapid sequence intubation (RSI).

2. Reinflation Of A Collapsed Lung:

When air enters the space between the chest wall and the lung (pleural space), it results in a collapsed lung (pneumothorax). Due to this collapsed lung, you will experience chest pain and shortness of breath which must be treated immediately.

3. Tracheostomy:

Tracheostomy is a surgical procedure that involves making a hole in the neck so that the trachea can be accessed. To keep the hole open for breathing, a tracheostomy tube is inserted into it.