The department is equipped with all facilities and handled with care. All of our departments have well-integrated services.

Choithrams Memorial Hospital's pharmacy fulfills all patient requirements for drugs, disposables, surgical items and consumables without delay.

Comprehensive care and guidance

  • Pharmacy follows all the standard guidelines laid down by the respective authorities.
  • Experienced and knowledgeable staff will assist the patient with any queries or issues.
  • Patients (IP & OP) can only get medicines from the pharmacy with a valid prescription from their doctor/consultant.

Hospital pharmacies dispense medications and compound intravenous fluids for patients at the earliest. To ensure the safe delivery of medications, the hospital uses a computerized billing system.

Stringent Protocols and Quality Checks

Choithram Memorial Hospital Pharmacy follows all the FDA standards to establish safety parameters for patient medication use.

Our pharmacy has procedures in place to deal with expired drugs and to replace drug stock on a timely basis to avoid stock outs. Maintaining a cold chain, periodically reviewing the hospital formulary, and looking for look-alikes and sound-alikes or high-risk drugs is a regular part of the pharmacy's procedure. National Antibiotic Policy has been adopted by the hospital and discussed with all concerned authorities and a soft copy of the same has been distributed for reference. We make sure that each process is in place for timely license renewals.

As part of our strict quality control process, we ensure that all medicines in our store are of the highest quality, authentic, and stored according to our requirements.

We have a team of pharmacists with a great deal of experience and professional qualifications. Our department has a pharmacist on call 24/7, 365 days a year to answer your questions and address your clinical needs.

Pharmacy’s' Missions In The Hospital

Our pharmacy plays an important role in medication management that includes the process of selecting, procuring, delivering, prescribing, administering, and reviewing medicines to optimize the contribution to informed and desired outcomes.

We strive to ensure the 7 "rights" are respected in all medicine-related processes affecting hospital patients: right patient, right dose, right route, right time, a right drug with the right information.

An Essential Component of Patient Care

An essential component of hospital pharmacy is the art, practice, and profession of choosing, preparing, storing, compounding, and dispensing medicines and medical devices, as well as advising patients, doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals on their safe, effective, and efficient use.


  • Forecast of demand
  • Choosing a reliable supplier
  • Identifying the required medication specifications
  • Preparation of sterile and non-sterile products
  • Maintenance of manufacturing records
  • Quality control of purchased or manufactured productsPharmacyPharmacy