The department is equipped with all facilities and handled with care. All of our departments have well-integrated services.


Choithram Hospital has a well-equipped Department of Anesthesiology with state-of-the-art facilities and experienced staff of anesthetists. The professional staff at our facility caters to the needs of better health in every way possible.

Our department's services are well integrated with those of our other departments. Prior to surgery, the patient undergoes a full examination and may be referred for further investigations and treatment.

The Department of Anesthesia at Choithram Hospital provides the service with the most advanced, safe, and patient-centric techniques. Our highly experienced and skilled anesthesiologists strive to provide optimal quality patient care not only in operating rooms but also beyond them through optimizing preoperative patient status and providing comprehensive postoperative patient care during the early postoperative phase. Our team provides pain relief during childbirth, pain intensive care, and resuscitation services in addition to providing care during operations. The most important area where anesthesia plays a critical role is in acute and chronic pain management.

Acute and chronic pain management covers:

  • Cardiac anesthesia
  • Intensive care
  • Neuro-anesthesia
  • Obstetric anesthesia
  • Pediatric anesthesia

Among the specialties and subspecialties covered in our Department of Anesthesiology are:

Clinical Anesthesia

  • Providing anesthesia for all types of surgical, diagnostic, and therapeutic procedures in the operating room.
  • As needed, sedation and anesthesia are provided in endoscopy and radiology suites.    

Pain Management Unit

Acute Pain Service

  • Offering patient controlled analgesia, epidural opioids, and regional nerve blocks prior to and after surgery.

Pain Clinic

The Chronic Pain Management program is available to both inpatients and outpatients.

Anesthesia services are provided to patients undergoing procedures, both surgical and non-surgical in the hospital where the administration of anesthetic medication is required. These services are provided under the supervision of Physician and Anesthetist. To provide the care deemed appropriate, the type of anesthesia may include, but is not limited to the following:

  • General anesthesia
  • Regional anesthesia
  • Local anesthesia

Services that are part of the anesthesia process include the following:

  • Preoperative and postoperative visits
  • Anesthesia care during the procedure
  • Administration of fluids or blood
  • Usual monitoring services