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An area of medicine known as cardiology deals with heart problems and disorders of the circulatory system. Providing world-class cardiac care with the best healing hands at your service, Choithram Memorial Hospital assures you of a strong cardiovascular system. At Choithram Memorial Hospital, we have a highly qualified team of cardiac intensivists and nurses, along with a fully equipped cardiac intensive care unit. Cardiologists monitor objectively for changes in signs and symptoms suggestive of treatment response. The professionals promptly identify and address any changes in clinical status ensuring effective communication between the patient, family, and multidisciplinary team. 

The cardiovascular system includes the heart and blood vessels; and cardiology diagnoses and treats diseases related to them.

The Cardiology Department provides diagnosis and treatment for a wide variety of conditions. 

Choithram Memorial Hospital is one of the premier cardiac care facilities, providing high-end medical equipment and treatment facilities from around the world.

Cardiac Treatment Services at Choithram Hospital:

Heart attack/ failure
Septal defects (ASDNSD/PDA)
Pediatric heart problems
Pacemaker (temporary & permanent) 
The use of electrical devices in electrophysiology treatment

Pacemakers and implantable cardioverter defibrillators (ICDs) are used to treat cardiac arrhythmias and other disturbances of the heart's rhythm. Many situations can be saved by these electrical devices that send and receive electrical signals to and from the heart to regulate heart rate.

Non-invasive cardiology

2 D Echo

It involves the use of ultrasonography to examine the heart. Information about the heart can be obtained from it, such as the size and shape of the heart, its pumping capacity, locate, the extent of tissue damage, cardiac output, ejection fraction and diastolic function.

Stress test (Treat Mill Test)

Noninvasive cardiac imaging, also known as stress testing or anatomic evaluation is recommended in patients, who present with symptoms suspected to be of cardiac in nature and also in asymptomatic patients in some clinical scenarios.

Stress Echo (Along with Dobutamine)

This test combines an ultrasound examination of the heart ( echocardiogram ) with an exercise tolerance test. Using this test, you can identify areas where your heart muscle is not getting enough blood flow or if your coronary arteries are blocked. 

Holter monitoring

The Holter monitor records the 24 hours heart's rhythm with a small, wearable device. Arrhythmias (irregular heartbeats) can be detected or determined using this test.