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Keeping pace with advancements in other spheres of medicine, dermatology has expanded significantly in the past two decades.

Our self-esteem and confidence are strongly influenced by how we look, therefore each of us strives to present our best appearance. Choithram Memorial Hospital’s department of dermatology specializes in the study of skin and treating skin-related diseases, thereby treating patients with skin ailments, blemishes, and other skin disorders.

Dermatologists at Choithram Memorial Hospital are not only concerned about skin disease, but also offer cosmetic advice to the patients. Common conditions that are treated at our department of dermatology include acne (pimples), melasma (pigmentation of the face), vitiligo, eczemas of different types, fungal infections, psoriasis, lichen planus, urticaria (hives), leprosy, hair loss problems, and nail disease.

However, diagnosis of some conditions may require a biopsy and further evaluation.

What makes us the best choice for skin care treatments?

A wide range of skin disorders can be treated and cared for at Choithram Memorial Hospital’s Department of Dermatology. A correct diagnosis is a key to the successful treatment of skin diseases, and we remain committed to holistic and comprehensive treatment.

Skin disorders and diseases: Diagnosis and Treatment

Choithram Memorial Hospital conducts a comprehensive set of tests to accurately diagnose skin, hair, and nails in addition to case history and physical examination.

The following tests are commonly used:

Wood Light Test : Any white spots (leukoderma) or superficial fungal or bacterial infections in the skin are best diagnosed with Black Light or Wood Light.

Biopsy : The biopsy is the most important investigation for diagnosis in dermatology because it is correlated with the physical examination of the skin and is the gold standard for diagnosing skin, hair, and nail diseases.

Choithram Memorial Hospital's well-equipped laboratory supports the management of allergic and autoimmune skin diseases. A team of qualified doctors provides round-the-clock supportive care for the patients. Our organization also conducts workshops and seminars from time to time as a means of imparting training to doctors.


For patients, the following facilities are available:

  • Skin disease treatment
  • Treatment of hair diseases, alopecia, etc.
  • Nail diseases and their treatments
  • Sexually transmitted diseases treatment
  • Leprosy treatment
  • Eczema, vitiligo, and psoriasis treatment
  • Treatment of Skin Problems with Surgery


On the outpatient and inpatient fronts, it offers a variety of diagnostic and therapeutic services.

The dermatoCosmetic services

  • Removing moles
  • Removing skin tags
  • Skin tags, moles, warts, and nevi can be removed.