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There are quite a few lifestyle disorders in today's fast-paced world. Physical inactivity, prolonged sitting at a desk, and improper postural alignment further aggravate one's health. However, an experienced physiotherapist can help people improve their range of motion and functional mobility. At Choithram Memorial Hospital, we are committed to bringing top-of-the-line physiotherapy to everyone. Keeping our services accessible, affordable, and available around the clock is one of our top priorities.

Choithram Memorial Hospitals' Physiotherapy Department offers professionally supervised programs, providing education and counseling for patients recovering from serious injuries, illnesses, or surgery. Every patient in the department is encouraged to maintain a healthy lifestyle with precise treatment. The clinic is managed by a team of highly qualified, skilled, and experienced physiotherapists who specialize in manual therapy, mobilization, strength training, endurance training, balance training, fitness training, ergonomic advice, and many other techniques.

Best-in-class rehabilitation equipment
Rehabilitation equipment of the highest quality is available in the Department of Physiotherapy along with well-trained personnel. This advanced equipment reduces pain, restores muscle balance, corrects posture, and addresses activity and functional limitations.

Our modern physiotherapy department is equipped with all the latest technology to provide the best care for patients requiring any kind of physiotherapy. The following treatments are available for all musculoskeletal disorders, neurological disorders, and cardio-respiratory disorders:

?    Ultrasound therapy
?    Interferential currents
?    TENS
?    Traction
?    Short Wave Diathermy
?    Exercise Therapy Unit
?    Electrical Muscle stimulation
?    Laser therapy

A High Standard of Patient Care

Individual Attention
A physiotherapist monitors the patient during one-to-one sessions

Designing multiple exercises for each patient that gets along with their diet plan.
Total Comfort
We provide personalized exercises and flexibility in session timings.

Tailor-Made Exercise Plans
Based on the root cause of your pain, our physiotherapist develops a perfect treatment plan

Manual therapy and specific exercises are part of physiotherapy. It is common to use mechanical devices, such as traction, electro-physical modalities such as heat, cold, electricity, sound waves, and radiation, as well as assistive devices to treat patients. However, we assist the patient according to the different types of physiotherapy which is suitable for their treatment.

The application of Physiotherapy is constantly evolving in two very important fields: Neurology and Orthopedics.

Conditions that are managed by Physiotherapy:

This condition is caused by inflammation of one or more joints. A physiotherapist can provide education, coping strategies, physical fitness programs, and assistive device recommendations as part of a rehabilitation program.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
It is caused by a compression of a nerve in the wrist that causes numbness, tingling, and pain. But Physiotherapy helps manage carpal tunnel syndrome. The median nerve may need to be surgically repaired if it is severely damaged.

It is caused by traumatic brain injury. It can be difficult to tell whether someone has suffered a concussion. Before going for physiotherapy, it needs to be evaluated properly.

Frozen Shoulder
A frozen shoulder, also known as adhesive capsulitis, is a painful, disabling condition caused by inflammation and stiffness of the shoulder capsule, which gradually limits the movement of the shoulder. A higher risk of developing it is present in diabetics and people with rheumatoid arthritis.

Golfer’s Elbow
The condition occurs due to an inflammation of the tendons which connect the forearm to the elbow. A bony bump on the inside of the elbow causes pain, which may radiate into the forearm as well.

Cervicogenic headaches usually occur on one side of the head; they originate in the neck and spread to the front. The most common cause of a cervicogenic headache is excessive stress on your neck and spine, often caused by bad posture or repetitive strain on the neck muscles.

Low Back Pain
It is possible for the low back to be painful due to conditions that affect the bony lumbar spine, discs between vertebrae, ligaments surrounding the spine and discs, spinal cord and nerves, low back muscles, pelvic and abdominal organs, and the skin covering the lower back.
The right physiotherapy course can reduce the pain as well as cure the condition.

Neck Pain
Most neck pain is caused by muscle strains or soft tissue sprains (ligaments, tendons), but it can also be caused by sudden forces. It is common for these types of neck pain to improve with time and non-surgical care, such as physiotherapy. In the case of persistent or worsening neck pain, there is often a specific condition that needs to be addressed.

The pain is caused due to the Sciatic nerve pain that radiates along its path. Sciatica can cause severe pain, but most cases resolve within a few weeks with conservative treatment.

Sports Injuries
Athletes and exercisers may suffer injuries during athletic activities. But the treatment of sports injuries can be provided by physiotherapists, and strategies and as well as education can be provided to prevent injuries from occurring in the future.